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ANCESTRAL HEALING- Freedom From Generational Trauma

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

How our ancestry affects our daily life, health, and why feeling the past sets you free.

Ancestral Healing is working to help your body, mind, and spirit equally by means of ancestral, indigenous, and nature based modalities. It can but doesn’t always need to include plant and or entheogenic medicines. Shamanic energy and its practices follow the basis of ancestral healing in that its believed that we carry unresolved energy and trauma from seven generations in the past. We also carry forward this unresolved work and our own additional trauma down through our children seven generations down the line. That means our resolved issues, feelings, disease, relationships, abuse, and other triggers will carry forward until the energy is too enormous to carry and it begins to manifest within the physical body of yours, and or your children, and grandchildren, etc. Trauma stimulus and the old past bury themselves deep within the cells and manifest as chronic illness and disease. Common conditions include: Cancer, Diabetes, Addiction, Mental Illness, Sexual Reproductive development, Autism, and other Chronic Pain disorders. Ancestral Healing is the practice of working to allow the physical body to release the stored energy while allowing positive, reparative frequencies back within the energy field.

We are made of mostly water. About 60% actually. Water holds memory. The energetic connection from the Earth is also carried forward. When we connect with Earth or lose connection it affects the bigger energetic picture and our ability to understand our lineage and past as a tool or lesson for how we can approach daily life today. When indigenous people are fighting so deeply to protect their water it is because it is the one pure thing left to them in this World and to human kind that has the ability to heal by showing us the past if we don’t manipulate and ruin it. Drinking the correct water for an energetic field can reverse severe affects of cellular damage. This also means that we need to understand that the water within us can be from many different places and experiences and being aware of how we replenish and cleanse our energetic bodies to be able to read and respond with this ancestral memory and our connection to it. Water is the biggest catalyst in helping us remember.

Generational Trauma is a fairly new term in the world of psychology. Only recently have we been able to recognize the cycles of trauma and poor choices repeating. We are seeing overall demise of societies, cultural and religious take overs, deprogramming of ways to heal and repair naturally from the Earth and within.

Following WWII, many Europeans fled and came to other countries to make a fresh start. A large concentration of Jewish Holocaust survivors arrived and re-established communities in New York. Grateful for physical safety and second chances, they immediately re-immersed and blended into culture, blanking away the horrors of the recent past with new daily possibilities for generations to come. As time passed, little did they realize that their grandchildren, and great grandchildren were being ridden with physically debilitating conditions, hormonal imbalances, PTSD, ADHD, Bi-Polar, Juvenile Diabetes and more.

Clinical researchers, Pediatricians, Universities, and Community Health programs began noting significant rises in reoccurring similar patients and conditions and started to pay attention to the similarities. They began with considering the usual factors which are environment, diet, education, societal interaction and all of the usual causes leading to disease. All they could find was that the same underlying common thread between this group was their past histories that occurred before they were even born. That significance was being born from Holocaust Survivors or those who perished. Knowing that group of people suffered abhorrent tragedy, trauma, inhumane and violent portions of their life, it was easy to collect successful and measurable data used to start shaping the ways in which therapy or healing modalities were used to help the trauma healing needed to heal the lineages before in the bodies present.

Much of the research and project’s healing leadership was made and prepared by GK Hunter (George Kamana) who recently released a book in 2019 called: Healing Our Bloodlines – The 8 Realizations of Generational Liberation. I worked with George who is also a Dr., in 2017 when we were about six months into our journey here in Mexico. I was gifted a session with him as a thank you from a family that I helped plan a wedding for. It was such an honor as at that time he wasn’t taking new patients. George lives and works in Hawaii, and our time was spent remotely connecting easily energetically through telepathic, Akashic communication. When we were able to be within the same field together, he was able to coach me through the release of stored energy and pain that had been blocked in my joints and lymph nodes as anger, frustration and hurt stemming from abandonment. I was able to find my own breath and rhythm and take control of my body again as I could begin to fully energetically and sometimes physically purge after taking time to do the work.

Eventually, through the families who were willing to participate in the program where healing sessions were held with their needs in mind, guided with shamanic energy to allow release, huge healing results were achieved, and families started to raise awareness of how to move forward with the continual healing process and shift that occurs once one begins feeling their way through intuitively.

George’s lineage is also laced with generational trauma coming from Indigenous American Mohawk ancestry. Residential schools, abuse, alcoholism, addiction, imbalance, and denial fed his upbringing which led to having firsthand experience and DNA of what bloodline Illness and disease really is. This parallel of his own generational trauma to the Holocaust Survivor’s group really hit home and created a platform to look at healing from an internal possibility once the body can release what is clogged.

When George helped me understand my own ability to dive into my own bloodline, I was able to start significantly improving my own coping skills that were fueled by finding balance. I committed to the exercises, and I did the work, but I was also in a dream place committed to healing, I was taking a sabbatical from life. But upon re-entering, the “real world” and daily life, AKA Integration…., things started to slide for me.

The sale of my business in Canada marked the end of a 14 year unhealthy relationship with myself and how I treated others, I needed to take some hard looks in the mirror and who I really was without “her,” the woman who was created from fighting as a woman entrepreneur in men’s world trying to fake it until I made it. I saw my business as an actual energy that had its own identity of sorts and after selling it, I had a lot of grief and shadow work to do. I had to undo a lot of lack and fear based negative thinking ruled by masculine energy and being the "BEST." I was like an onion that just kept losing a layer with each realization. As my onion was getting a little too small for comfort, I felt the call to really go deeper and use these new skills and pair it with actual substances of the Earth with support which would help me let go and not try to control the experiences or process.

A lot of the work I was doing to heal then, is work that I now include and share in preparation and integration practices and what I share with others. These are some of my favorite modalities

Meditation focusing on Pineal activation and past life regression, Chi Gong, Stretching, Yoga, Breathwork, Singing, Card Reading, Craniosacral Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Juice Cleanses, Sound Healing, Ayer Vedic Diet, Reiki, vitamins and supplements, vegetarian diet, quit drinking alcohol. It kept me going but it was also a full time job to keep ahead of the ever incoming stimulation and energy that also seemed to be pouring in more intensely as I learned and gained a little more insight. Everything I was clearing was being blasted open and I knew that it was all good and I needed to trust. But I also wasn’t getting any younger and one thing I learned about healing bloodline is that those who need to do the work the most, want to avoid it at all costs! They are genius at creating ways to avoid facing the actual cause of the pain. So it was time to activate all possible options, and I had enough of living as a sick person with more excuses each day.

Sitting in Ceremony with Bufo Alvarius opened me up to see my whole purpose in this Universe that is eternal and ever changing. It taught me that all things are temporary and totally authentically forever at the same time. We have the ability to decide where the timeline and the entry to the portal is. Bufo showed me confirmations of my galactic origins, and how from that infinite unity we branch out the different parts of our whole selves within our human experience. It brought me to a place where I could see the simplicity of life and all of our faults, flaws, and fabulousness at the same time. It reset many things on a lot of levels.

I took the integration work very seriously. I kept a journal, and each time I knew I dreamed, had a spiritual presence come, or had a feeling within that I knew wasn’t mine…. I gave it a little of my time. I thanked it for coming. I was grateful for the chance to sit with that presence. That made me realize that each time I seemed to have a connection to Source, I was also instantly returning to gratitude and my whole demeaner changed.

The third time I sat with Bufo alvarius which we also call Sapito because Sapo means toad in Spanish, the light and perfection of the journeys before slipped away and I entered a new realm of the medicine. It began to show me the things that I needed to understand in order to see why I am who I am and also why I was born into this lineage in this lifetime to become a catalyst for transformation for the generations to come. Layer by layer as I was being called, I slipped into a place where I knew the pain and I could see the visions, but somehow they didn’t hurt me. I felt the electric pain begin in my armpits and hands as my mouth began to froth as I felt all of the last words of the women who left the world before me for being “different or gifted. ” One by one I felt lifetimes of being put to death by various means of imbalanced patriarchy knowing within that there would be a day coming where it would all make sense and it would truly make a difference. I knew they had to come before so I could make things right again somehow. The journey was a magnetizing powerful portal to a place where the shadow of my own humanity was given a stage to finish its lines and exit this existence. It gave me a way to zoom out and look at things from a much bigger picture.

This new awareness of energetic pain kept rising to the surface again and I felt that I knew from what Bufo had taught me that I needed to trust and let the memory of water and Kambo direct me further. This was less than a year after beginning to work with George and I took each one of my ancestors with me into each healing journey and I believe that intention of being their freedom fighter truly amplified my experience beyond any usual one and ignited me like I had never been before.

When I was able to first sit with Kambo, it was very new to the area where I was and I was the second patient of the newly trained Kambo experts in the area. We had a strong energetic connection as they had held space for me before in ceremonies and also were aware of my processes and how extreme they can be compared to others so I felt comfortable to see what presented itself. Kambo blew my mind open. It is non psychoactive, so I thought I would be able to control myself and maintain dignity and focus as time passed. Lol! For the first time in my life, I literally lost control, had full on panic, gave up to the pain and surrendered to death. I let go of my body and its functions and totally let the medicine clean me.

Layer by layer as I felt the generations of women before me screaming into microphones that were my lymph glands. My hips and back began to go into full labor and I also began to menstruate which was rare since my battle with PCOS didn't usually make a natural cycle easy. Inside at a cellular level which felt like electric shocks that lingered too long, I felt the screaming of my mother asking to be heard and seen as a child by her own mother, then later acting out as a teenager. I saw my mother’s mother as a child looking and begging for the same love. I saw my great grandmothers on the receiving end of domestic violence, mental cruelty, gaslighting, major PTSD from accidents, rejection from the Church for believing in the “magic” of the land, being isolated due to location and weather, electroshock therapy, poverty, hunger, lust, and hope.

As I purged and shivered, and then sweat through a fever of release for several hours I knew that this was the “ROOT” of it. I obviously didn’t see it all but I saw enough to remind myself of my actions before things in my body are set off and “act up” from a trigger that set off my currently healing traumas. I use that day to remind myself to rest when I need to because if I don’t, I will end up there again releasing all the new stuff I take in through the journey. That's the thing, we are always changing and gaining new experience and wisdom so you need to be able to accept and receive what is newly arriving in order to grow to the light.

Since many journeys and my years of integration and evolution into the energy worker I am today I have been able to go backwards and look at my own life and the parallel journey of un-wellness I had with hormonal imbalance, PCOS, Anxiety, Depression, suicidal thoughts, weight gain, body image issues, substance abuse, fertility, gallstone and kidney stones, hiatal hernia, Severe GERD, and chronic stomach pain. I can see where the hurt was at each of those times and see with compassion where I was because I was carrying a big backpack of energy that also wasn’t mine. I couldn't move forward and attract the future I wanted to because I had a roadblock from the past. Our parents do the best they can for us because they truly just don’t want their kids to feel the pain of anything. It's natural as a parent to protect your kids at all costs. But the truth is, that we need to sit with the reality of many things so we can learn what is ours, what is trapped, how to best let it go, and to have the courage to sit with yourself no matter what that looks like.

When I conceived my daughter and was at the beginning of my pregnancy my mom told me that her grandmother told her when she was pregnant with me that it was her only responsibility during pregnancy to be happy and feel good for the baby, as the baby is strong and can grow through anything but a mother’s inability to welcome her own love. My mom said the words but I don’t think she really knew the meaning of what it truly set forth for me on my journey and how it brought me to where I am today in service and raising the vibes with hope.

Today I have continued my growth and connection with my ancestors at unbelievable levels and I have been able to dig into other frequencies more easily while feeling joy, replenishment, and abundance from within. I honor where I come from and I can think of those people with the compassion and dignity that I too would give myself and that’s what really is the magic. Gratitude and forgiveness come through the channels as we heal those ancestral wounds and see and pay attention to the lives that paved the way for us to get here.

If you are interested in digging further into your own lineage through bloodline healing, shamanic clearing, the Akashic records, and ancestral medicines, please feel free to reach out and find out how to dig deeper and start your own journey to pulling the weeds from your past while watering the flowers of your tomorrow.


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