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What is wellness? Balancing one’s physical, mental, and spiritual or emotional being.

When I think of wellness.... there are a few things that instantly come to mind.

The difference between the word "Illness" and "Wellness", is that I becomes we. When we allow someone or something to hold space for us so that we are able to become vulnerable, we allow our soul to reach a certain vulnerability that changes the alchemy of our vibration. That means that our emotions affect and influence our physical body’s ability to maintain balance. When there is a change in vibration we are able to release old energy that has been stored up in a negative way within the body. Humans don’t have the ability to shiver, shake and discard traumatic or fearful energy like animals do, which makes it difficult to recover from stress or hormonal imbalances. When something feels out of alignment in our physical or mental body, it’s guaranteed that there is some emotional imbalance or blockage needing to be heard and released that manifests being attended to through physical inflammation and or DIS-ease. DIS-ease refers to the status in the body where something doesn’t feel right, is causing pain, preventing healing, and cannot return within balance without support. Disease can lead to serious cell detachment or confusion which is cancer, and the weakening of the immune system invites the body to be constantly susceptible to pathogens and illness.

Trauma prevents the body from properly maintaining balance. Trauma can occur in the body from one specific isolated event or it can be fed to build up over time from a repeated situation of discomfort and known misalignment. An example of this is that someone can be in a war and receive a very localized idea of what’s the rooting cause of the trauma. However, our bodies also “COLLECT” trauma over time and while doing so also build a resistance to feeling it so one can continue to function and oblige to the requests of society. Living within a constant low to medium level of stress or emotional discomfort continues to allow the body to function, but it’s also fighting to purge out or feel I felt emotions needing transit. When we are clogged, simple emotions can’t get out and again the body suffers. At the same time, our body gets used to functioning with this trauma and loses the memory of what true balance feels like. This makes it easier to keep functioning and forget you are in pain because the pain has started out low and dull. Your tolerance grows until your body is screaming for 911 emergency help and you simply may feel just a little bit of anxiety. This is where serious health conditions and chronic illnesses appear as the body is screaming to release the pain and stored emotions. When we give our body and mind a safe, open and able place to release these build ups, the immune system is able to regain balance and function immediately. But what if you don’t have trauma or these issues in your life?? These traits and experiences are passed down in the forms of heredity, conditions, allergies, reproductive issues and more. When emotion needs to be heard, it will keep imprinting it down the line from one generation to another. So it’s possible to feel the affects of a great grandparent’s war experience, and never have met them while living in a different part of the world. We carry the issues again and again, so making wellness a priority is the key to releasing family hereditary health problems and aging expectations. Our diet is not just what we eat. It’s what we consume in all aspects of ourselves and actions. Wellness comes from what we feed our bodies from all points of health (physical, mentally, spiritually). When we fill our time with things that vibrate high and allow release and transformation of energy we are able to feed ourselves from our healthy surroundings. Our body is receptive and adaptable. It’s open and willing to update and relearn behaviours. When we are constantly surrounded by negativity, abuse, neglect, and avoidance we vibrate lower which encourages adding addictive substances to our life to fill voids and bring distraction. . This includes alcohol, drugs, and other addictions but it also refers to negative and hurtful behaviours such as cutting, suicidal intentions, gambling, sex addictions and more.

If our surroundings and behaviours are our diet, then those things that are positive will also provide nourishment and support. Those things include reading, exercising, meditating, practicing a new skill, taking a risk, receiving sexual pleasure, holding a baby or animal, laughing, meeting someone new, cooking, creating, gardening or growing something. It’s proven again and again that higher vibes bring healing, so wellness is a place where we are able stay there in that place of balance and avoid yo-yo trips that require attention and recovery before getting to the natural ability to feel the joy. Our physical body will eventually become a true mirror of our insides, so it needs to have a chance to be felt, moved, nurtured, and most importantly... WORKED. When we are not reaching our full potential we are also cause our bodies to store pent up energy which gets blended together and becomes the energy around us in our diet. If we are consuming low vibrating foods, not working our bodies to release the energy needed to help hormones function, and we aren’t giving ourselves healthy outlets to release and eventually our cells start feeling lost and detached from the main organism. Cells fighting amongst themselves due to a lack of direction, and connection eventually lead to cancer as once they completely separate from the organism, they begin to start rapidly reproducing realizing that they need to replicate themselves with rapid strength to rebuild the organism. What those cells don’t realize is that they aren’t equipped with everything needed to start a healthy new being when they aren’t connected to the main energy hub of the body. Those cells are tumors. We know that when there is an emotional release and old energies that have been stored as pain, grief, trauma, and misunderstanding that they appear inside in the form of physical ailments but also mental ones too. We begin to have doubts in our mind, our ego begins to grow increasing fear and dependence on substance or distraction while avoiding the needed release and acknowledging of the bodily situation. Holding space for yourself to go deep and get dirty in your soul’s melody brings clarity and a new awakening that raises vibrations and resets the systems within. When you acknowledge there is an imbalance and you wish to reconnect to source to feel and understand it, that is what is called a healing intention. Only you can truly heal yourself. You need to be patient and surrender as the body returns to a natural state of balance allowing disease to wane away as immunity returns. This process requires some sort of faith as you wait and observe the healing. Faith can simply also be described as the will inside. The intention or the purpose that calls within as a spark to enable spirit to realign the physical and mental troops.

Plant and Entheogenic medicines are rapidly concentrated channels of transformational, anti-aging, immune boosting, damage reversing, super powerhouse immune and emotional reset support and nourishment who when delivered with loving, dedicated space, setting, and dosing can and will release and reset decades of unbalanced, desperate, and often insecure learning and behaviours that need upgrading. It will also nourish cells, bring pleasure and reconnection to self. Sometimes following a medicine journey we experience enormous transformation and we aren’t even aware until we are standing on fresh ground with new perspective... just how far we really needed to come. Often times we think we are so highly functioning because we are tied into daily life, routine, and expectations that we forget how to be human beings and we become human doings. We also remind ourselves that when we come back from these journeys. We see how abundance and manifestation comes from a place of balance and allowance. When we are continually tied into providing an expected outcome in one aspect of your life, others will be affected. If you work in a tedious job that drains you mentally, while breaking your spirit by peers and surroundings, then your physical body will eventually show the wear as it tries to take it all. Plant and Entheogenic medicines look at all parts of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies and how they are communicating with one another. Sometimes a simple breathe brings an attitude adjustment that clears a headache. Sometimes a physical change like a haircut helps us feel release, rebirth, and fresh vitality of spirit within. We also know that when soldiers surrender their hair to the institution of military, that they are stripping the connection of soul to the past. They are losing the strength and wisdom they gained while the hair grew and are forced to start fresh. It’s an emotional tool to break spirit and create unity within a team of a shared, and obedient vibration. The journeys these medicines bring us on helps us reflect within ourselves to see how we have been treating our own bodies, minds and emotions and where space and love needs to be shared to clear and repair the disconnect. Each ceremony, experience, dream, or disappointment on our journey gives us the chance to decide to heal for ourselves. How we respond to that is up to us. Healing is wellness. Wellness is healing, in the sense that it is a constant process and cycle. As we experience new growth and gain wisdom, Source is always upping the ante. As we rise, so too do the challenges. If you look at the maintenance as part of the devotion and a time to give back and listen with nurturing love, it can transform a lot! We are always being asked to apply what we just learned and starting within is a great place to start.

Whether it’s instantly, or a slow process, transformation brings uncertainty which can be as uncomfortable and scary as it is liberating and joyful. When I’m standing within these new shoes of life and I’m not sure what’s next???? I trust. I know this is a cycle and how I enter it will mean the absolute difference in the possibility of the outcome. The only thing we have the ability to control is how we respond to things that cross our path. When we are aware of that, we can choose to make time to help our bodies and minds catch up and gain strength to hold the balance and harmony emotionally within. On days where it’s not as easy to feel the wellness, and the imbalance is lurking... I choose gratitude. I say thank you. I pray that I’m grateful to be alive, to feel the Earth beneath me, to be able to breathe and feel air on my cheeks. I remind myself how grateful I am for this time and what may come. Being thankful and grateful brings connection to Earth. Saying some simple words and connecting it with breath, intention and letting yourself realize everything is OK, can be the greatest gift one can give to themselves.

Each day I’m learning to give more and love more, and to welcome the balance as it returns and say thank you spirit for returning me to myself once again with gratitude. I pray the same for you.

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