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Candy Stripes


Reaching out to Stephy was one of the most beautiful and impactful decisions I've made in this lifetime. The environment was a dream. The entire time I felt seen, safe, and held.  We talked, cried, screamed, purged, and felt born again. Stephy's talents and abilities are sensational and beyond this dimension.  The entire experience was exactly what our soul's needed.


I will be forever grateful to Stephy for holding me and my sister throughout our powerful Kambo and Bufo journey.  She is a true angel on earth and offered us such support and grace during our first big medicine journey.  I can only say that is was one of the most powerful experiences of my life nd most of it is due to Stephy's wisdom, her intuitive gifts, and ability to hold such deep space for us. Her space on the cliffs of sacred land felt like a true coming home moment. Truly the backdrop for a powerful spiritual experience. I would reccomend her again and again.


I'm grateful for Stephy and the journey she has taken me on. With her guidance I was able to heal the trauma of my past. I accomplished more with her in just a few ceremonies, that which I was unable to accomplish in 20 years of talk therapy. My journey with Kamno and Stephy helped ,e tp accept my past trauma, release it, and step into my new life  fully transformed with my eyes and heart completely open.


Pink Marble


I am writing this letter to express my deepest gratitude for your unwavering courage and support during my sacred journey with medicine. Your presence and encouragement have been a source of strength and inspiration guiding me through moments of uncertainty and empowering me to embrace the path ahead. Your willingness to stand by me, even in the face of challenges, has been a testament to your remarkable character and unwavering support.  Your courage ignited a light within me, propelling me forward with renewed determination and purpose. I am truly thankful for your steadfast companionship and the unwavering support you have provided. Your presence has been a beacon of hope, illuminating the way forward and instilling in me the confidence to navigate this transformational journey.

With heartfelt appreciation, Hemmen.


it was such a spiritual and nourishing experience for me reaching out and working with Steph. My first ceremony opened me and changed me in new ways. I needed to follow my soul and go deeper before leaving Mexico. Just knowing that since the first experience she is always watching over me and continuing to let me deepen and evolve within opened the portal of my healing even deeper. She brought me back to earth and showed me how important the work on earth we do each day is as important as the medicine and ceremony we seek. She's been a strong example of a woman walking her path. She has taught me to find what is inside me and not to seek following something else. 


Candy Stripes


I am so grateful for healers like Steph. I was blessed to be in a 1:1 ceremony with her where we sat with kambo and bufo. She has an incredible gift of giving you the perfect balance of safety and nurturing to allow you to surrender to the experience.  Her knowledge and wisdom are unmatched. She gave me the gift of true remembrance and truly loving myself just as I am. This experience was exactly what i needed to take my healing and spirituality to a whole new level.


As a practicing medicine woman myself, I wanted to find guidance that was truly special and in alignment with my own path. The way that Steph is able to hold space in such an authentic way, with the utmost reverence and safety to both you and your journey is absolute magic as she is always observing, adjusting, and letting the process flow with so much integrity.  There is nothing "cookie cutter" about doing healing work with her.


My experience with Stephy was nothing short of amazing.  From the moment I met her, I felt safe and at home. Each day of our 5 day retreat was perfectly curated and the power of plant medicines combines with thoughtful integration was incredible. My heart and soul were truly touched and a deep sense of peace has remained since then. I look forward to my next experience with Stephy and highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a truly profound experience.


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