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15 Questions With KAMBO, FROG MEDICINE Of The Amazon

Updated: Apr 2

1. What is Kambo? Kambo is an ancient sacred non-psychoactive medicine used to keep tribes healthy and thriving, physically, emotionally, and spiritually in harmony. It is a combination of peptides and amino acids that bind to its like receptor sites within the body. The substance is retrieved from glands on the feet of Phyllosmedusa bicolor (monkey frog tree frog) that lives in the amazon forests of Brazil and Peru, Colombia, Bolivia and Ecuador. The shamans or Paje (medicine men) that collect it, administer it as medicine for physical, mental, and spiritual health. Its use in the Amazon has been dated back thousands of years by various pano-speaking tribes including Kaxinawa(Huni Juin), Katukina, Ashaninka, Yaminawa, Matses (Mayoruna). Some tribes who use Ayahuasca include this medicine as a part of their culture and some do not. It is said to have originated from an experience that Kampu a medicine man had with a forest spirit while on a journey to try and find medicine or help for his ailing, weak tribe. The Kaxinawa people say that from that experience, the spirit of Kampu entered the tree frog and extends healing and immune protection to all those who wish for its learning.

2. How did Kampu, the Shaman save his tribe?? Kambo, is known for its cleansing, healing, antibiotic properties. Equally, it's revered for its ability to reset the human body, mind, and spirit following a purge of toxins, negative and heavy emotions allowing for a new emerging healthy life. Kambo, was regularly used by hunters for its inhibition of fear, added courage, and calmness to waiting for prey. It's a beautiful aid for journeys as it reduced the need for food and water and give extra strength, endurance and agility during the journey. Kambo minimizes human scent allowing closer hunting and is said to emit a strange green light around the person which draws the prey right to them. 3. What are the traditional uses within Tribal Community? • Removal of Panema • Snake bites • Immune Booster • Vaccine - against several forest diseases including Malaria & Dengue • Feminine Hormone Health, Pregnancy, Fertility • Anti-aging, nutrient replenishment • Chronic pain treatment & prevention • Improved Strength and Stamina • Increased spiritual growth • Connection to Mother Earth 4. What is Panema? Within the Tribe or community, Panema is an Arawak term to describe negative energy that gathers over time. Those who carry excess panema are often said to have a cloudy or grey aura. It is said by tribes that it is the fuel of bad luck, laziness, depression, confusion, and bad thoughts that lead to similar actions and behavior. Within a tribe that is a collective of equals contributing their own part, it can be a huge problem. Kambo, purges the Panema from the body allowing it to have a clear, motivated, and inspired outlook to the future and about their life experience. Within daily modern life, it is referred to as the pain we carry within our bodies which we manifested through negativity and ego, even within the subconscious. It appears in many physical forms including cancer, addiction, depression, anxiety, chronic pain disorders, rheumatism, and more. Removing panema allows for the purge, reset, and strength to make positive life changes while improving the body’s ability to heal and reduce pain naturally. Hunters took Kambo, think of modern life... What are we still hunting for when we are so provided for???

5. What are some current-day imbalances or “diseases” related to environment, stress, ancestral lineage, and life choices that can benefit from KAMBO ? Who are those who may benefit? It benefits those who suffer from or are living with the following. •Chronic pain disorders •Inflammatory diseases •Cancer •Addiction •Infections needing STRONG Antibiotic •Parasites •Depression •Anxiety •Panic Disorders •HIV/AIDS & Autoimmune Disorders •High blood pressure •Rheumatism & Arthritis(inflammation) •Brain, Spinal Cord, degenerative disease • Hormonal imbalances & Infertility

6. What is Kambo actually made of? Kambo Scientists learned that Kambo is comprised of dozens of peptides, amino acids, and beneficial soluble nutrients that thrive at healing and or preventing illness within the human body. These are 16 identified peptides notable within Kambo -Phyllocaerulein - Phyllomedusin -Phyllokinin

-Phyllolitorin - Sauvagine -Dermaseptin B2 - Adenoregulin - Deltorphin - Dermorphin



-Bradykinin derivate


-Neurokinin B

-Preprotachykinin B

-Ranatachykinin A

7. Does Kambo help with PAIN?

There are peptides within Kambo called Deltorphins and Dermorphins that have analgesic effects most compatible with the body’s own pain response system. They are stronger than the pain management provided by morphine without respiratory depression, withdrawal, or tolerance potential. It is hard to gauge pain relief as many people suffer in different ways that can’t be consistently measured. However, there are several reports of people seeing improvement from chronic pain in one treatment, and even greater within a regime of micro treatments, and maintenance.

8. How did Kambo get from the Amazon to where it’s used around the world today?

The first known non-indigenous person to witness and report about Kambo was French Missionary Constantin Tastevin who was in the Amazon in 1925. It re-emerged in the 1980s after Peter Gorman; Journalist, and Katherine Milton; Archeologist were living in NW Peru and SW Brazil. They shared samples with scientists John Daly and Vittorio Erspamer who through peptide analysis were able to confirm definite medical potential. Many companies have tried to replicate and synthesize the compound but are still unsuccessful. It is not illegal to possess Kambo. However, it is a very powerful substance and without proper knowledge it can lead to serious health consequences. The government of Brazil protects it by not allowing mass production of the substance exploiting the frogs. There are still some concerns about how its harvested and by whom. It is a possible sustainable potential medical solution, however environmental loss and climate change are deeply affecting frog habitats so that affects potential and availability more than anything

9. How is it harvested?

During the night the frogs are collected from the trees where they are called to by the shamans. The frogs have no fear. They have no predators so therefore they don’t react or resist capture and many are known to come to shamans asking for them. In many cases, the frogs are familar with the process and respond to calls made by the collector. Sometimes their back and feet are scraped, and sometimes, they have their legs bound gently which allows the frog to be held still and steady, and for the substance to easily secrete. The shamans are careful to only remove a small amount of the available secretions in order to leave some with the frog while they recover and return to their habitat to make more medicine. The binding also helps identify the status of the frog because sometimes banding is left on the frog up to 30 days which when the bands disappear the shamans know the frog is back to full capacity. The marks the binding leaves is essentially an indictor to let this frog recover and that it has recently been collected from. The excretion is like a wet grainy, sappy substance that if not used immediately ends up drying and is applied to a little board that needs to mixed with saliva or water into a paste when applied. It can be stored. Many times shamans only harvest 20-30% of the available secretion from the animal leaving it able to easily replenish as well as retain toxin for its own habitat living.

10. Does it hurt the frog?

No. See answer above.

11. Is Kambo a vaccine?

Some people say it is a vaccine. I supposed that depends on your definition of one. It is applied to the body in the form of entering the bloodstream through an opening in the skin. It is often referred to as one because definitely there are changes where the body is protected against various pathogens that others in medicated with are more prone to. I am not an expert or advocate of vaccines. But, I have obviously experienced increased disease resistance and seen improvement and resolution on handling and eliminating my own health flare-ups. There are several accounts of its prevention of tropical jungle diseases like Dengue Fever, Malaria, Typhoid Fever.

12. Is it necessary to receive Kambo more than once?

It responds as a treatment with greater healing performance when used in an intended and planned series. Depending on your healing goals.... It is important to let your boundaries govern your usage with the direction of your practitioner, caution, and awareness of Mother Nature, and ALWAYS, the sustainability of Kambo and its habitat.

During intense and deep healing processes Kambo is often applied in series of up to three applications within the moon cycle. When intense and deep healing is required to realign an imbalance very strong like cancer, or addiction individual plans and schedules are made in conjunction with total wellness plans and depend based on need and attention. Most people who may only be pursuing deeper spiritual connection, awareness, and physical clarity will only receive it once in their lifetime, or in connection or preparation with other ceremonies.

13. How long is it normal to feel the effects of Kambo in my body?

Immediately after sitting with Kambo it’s normal to feel very tired and fatigued and then after rest, a beautiful reinvigorated state with clarity and freshness. It is normal to feel an extended state of gratitude, joy, peace, contentment, and alertness for up to 3 days following the ceremony. For about three weeks following it’s important to notice the subtle changes in your skin, hair, nails, teeth, gut health, eyes, and how you are feeling about completing daily tasks? It’s common to feel more energy, enhanced dreams, and a taste for more healthy foods, and fresh air. The effects slowly blend into a new balance. Awareness of the subtle changes helps give a measurement of goals and if there is a call to continue the journey or let integration complete.

14. When is a good time to sit with Kambo?

There comes a time where we begin to feel something inside us needing and asking to come out. Asking for release and freedom to no longer be harbored, inside. When you feel an “itchiness” within your body to scream and burst because you are on full and ready to blow at any moment.... that’s a great time.

Sometimes it’s when we receive news advising us our body isn’t working well and it’s presenting us with making decisions about treatment. But an even better time is when you are feeling aware that there are things trapped within that you wish you could release and you know if you did you could make more room for love, support, faith, and the possibility to heal slowly at your own pace as you go.

15. Why do we make excuses and create pain and discomfort within ourselves when we are just trying to live in our bodies?

As humans conditioned by modern societies we have trained ourselves to ignore the signs of our body and heart asking for help....... We are too busy. We make others, places, materials, events more important than us. Our societies, community, and cultures often cause us to ignore, prolong and avoid acknowledgment, while usually smiling, saying yes, dressed for success thinking we got this... Eventually a heaping dirty laundry pile of guilt, shame, doubt, insecurity and sadness, and resentment grows and stews until it manifests into something chronic or dramatically sudden that a dr. has a name for as an auto immune disease, condition of mental illness, hormonal imbalance, or maybe worse... some type of cancer!! You are then “medicated” to treat the symptoms. Yay!!! Relief, until the next little hiccup where the body is forced out of balance and you respond again with this cry for help within.



There is a way to get better. FOR GOOD!! FOR REAL!!! NO JOKE!! This is some of the most

powerful medicine in the world. Nature’s chemotherapy it’s called because it can go through and kill out all pathogenic and mutating cells all while encouraging nutrition and support to other

healthy cells. The effects of killing the bad

while giving you healthy fuel to fight, heal, protect and evolve to a new you. Our health is up to us. Some people love to suffer. They enjoy having some disease names and conditions attached to them like fungi. It’s easy, it’s convenient and when you have a “DISEASE” no one thinks it’s your fault. Well, guess what, generally it’s due to something trauma-related that has happened to you or someone in your family and it surfaces in its own “perfect” timing usually to mess with our “real life”.

The ONLY question is...... Are you the person who has become ATTACHED to your traumas and have you in someway let it begin to shape you and limit your life??

Or, are you a fierce warrior ready to face the fear and get your life back? This little frog makes medicine to share with us so we can receive truth within our healing. REAL HEALING.

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