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I said yes to BUFO alvarius - Ceremony Preparation

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Hola hola, and welcome aboard!!

This blog is about what happens after you said yes to this experience and how to prepare and what to expect for the adventure ahead.

Don't worry or panic thinking, “what is it that I have said yes to????” Honestly, if you weren't a little nervous then you aren't human. It's natural to feel a little uneasy or fluttery about trying something we haven't experienced before.

Well, I am here to say… We are all perfectly imperfect. The human experience is about gaining perspective and control over your actions from a place of peace within.

The Seri people of Sonora who are the guardians and original carriers of this medicine have a saying.

"Axatipe" (aha-teepee) it means... - Everything is perfect. Everything is always ok and in the Universe's plan. Trust and be.

There is never any coincidence that we have crossed paths. Somewhere within the consciousness of your soul, you curated this experience for us together with intentions, feelings, experiences, spirit guides, ancestors, and loved ones. You know inside what brought you here to transform. Even if you don’t have the words, images, or understanding; please trust. Just know that this experience is and will be beautiful. It is completely unique to you. A compilation of learning, love, and liberation will occur in its own way special way for each person. This is the most beautiful gift you have given yourself, please allow yourself the chance to open and welcome it.

Bufo alvarius is gentle on the body. It will now realign physical systems (endocrine, reproductive, nervous, cardiovascular and upgrade DNA) and energetic systems (chakras, auras, reiki, angelic, good 5D, etc). It is rejuvenating and invigorating healthy new growth after correcting malfunctions and or repairing cellular glitches.

WAAOOOW!! What does that mean??

It’s getting your body back in line and ready to work properly again when you back to your daily life. It is also healing cells and updating DNA information to prevent future illness.

Immediately After and for a short time following your Bufo alvarius journey one will likely experience

· long Deep Sleep

· positive and Joyful Vivid Dreams

· mental Clarity

· improved Digestion

· hormone Rebalancing

· resistance or loss of interest to previous addictive behaviour

· lowered Liver Toxicity,

· happy healthy bowel function

· improved Sexual Function

· lowered Inflammation

· lymph Drainage

· improved complete oral and throat health

· general overall happiness and satiety

· heightened Positive emotional experiences and stimulus like laughter, gratitude, and the desire to cuddle


Yes, I know you are thinking…. If it heals the body, can it irradiate disease? Can it cure addiction? Yes, yes, yes. But hold your horses! I mean, Minny Whinny’s because working with Bufo alvarius to cure and heal diseases is a very specialized and disciplined focus that follows deeper processes, and requires different preparation, support, after care and re-integration. (remember there are different levels and healing intentions sought by each person individually)

If you want to know more about healing a specific "DISEASE" or ailment... Let me know and we can go from there)

This first time journey is about connecting to your spirit, and allowing what physically is happening in your body to communicate clearly to your consciousness so that afterwards you will be able to better physically function, process information, communicate and experience emotions.

If there is intuition of other existing physical systems requiring healing it will be present in some way on your journey and may lead you to continue further with

· ancestral medicines

· a shift in your or yours or your family/friend perspectives

· an opening of communication to leading to a resolution regarding the health issue

· a stronger belief and connection to traditional or alternative healing or healer to come.

· Trust that a healthier future is possible

What do I need to do in order to prepare for this journey?

Do you take any prescribed medications from a Dr.?

If so, please advise use ASAP of the compound and its dosage so can properly advise, prepare and plan with precautions if necessary.

Counterindications with Bufo alvarius are very small, and different dosing and methods of delivery and supporting medicines such as tobacco hapay will provide the right energetic frequency to release and connect to the medicine, but the more we know we can prepare and tailor your experience accordingly.

The concern of interactions is with MAOI’s, and sometimes their sub counterpart RIMA’s. (sometimes used and prescribed as antidepressants) They are being used for some serious treatments of depression, anxiety, panic disorders, etc. They are highly reactive with other medications as well, and generally people who take these medicines are aware to share but its always best to be safe and clear on what is in your body with the person who is delivering the medicine.

MAOI’s are monoamine oxidase inhibitors (RIMAS are an alternative somewhat similar substance)

· Isocarboxazid (Marplan)

· Phenelzine (Nardil)

· Selegiline (Emsam)

· Tranylcypromine (Parnate)


It is best to be off of the MAOI’s or RIMA’s for 30 days before taking an initial journey.

However, in extreme cases where the person is seeking peace from the symptoms and pain caused by these chemicals, Bufo alvarius can be used in collaboration of your physician and myself to treat and provide alternative relief for people taking these chemicals. For more information about getting off MAOI’s, antidepressants, and finding healing for mental illness with Bufo and other natural medicines, let’s talk and see if we can continue your journey further with our team.

The goal many people have for taking this medicine and sitting in this experience is to get off of the chemical dependent artificial emotions and hit the root of the problem and clear the channels for a long term sustainable solution. Many people come to me to get off their meds or substances like alcohol. It's possible with patience and commitment.

Firstly, you need to think about keeping your body clean for between 3 days- 3 weeks, depending on the availability of time and travel available to you, etc. This means….


· No MAOI’s (see below) without preparation and Dr. support

· No Alcohol

· No Cigarettes

· No recreational or synthetic drugs SERIOUSLY - you won't like it!!

· No RED meat

· No Meat is best, but if necessary organic, free range chicken or local in season fish/seafood

· No Cannabis (3 days prior)

· No Caffeine is Best ( if you have concerns about withdrawal headaches etc, advise me, I can help)

NOT LIFE THREATENING but will dramatically improve your experience

· Drink water, properly hydrate

· Abstaining from Sex and Masturbation increases and harnesses tantric energy forces

· Clear open mind, heart and positive attitude

What do I need to bring and or prepare? - ( please note some of this may apply to overnight or group ceremonies, use what feels right for you)

You are going to want to be as comfy as possible. Wearing layers is a great way to ensure you have what you need depending on time and weather. The wind can get chilly at night and the sun can be scorching in the day so being prepared to be in the elements and comfy is most important.

· Comfortable, breathable clothing

· Bathing Suit and Towel

· Sun hat

· Water Bottle

· Musical Instruments

· Special meaningful belongings, flowers, or personal items for the altar

· Night time ceremonies – dress according to sleeping under the stars

If you are having a morning or day time ceremony, keep food light and minimal. (suggested plain toast, yogurt, banana or porridge, etc). If it is a sunset ceremony you might not want to eat any earlier than 4 hours before. Keep food intake through the day consistent and full of lots of little snacking with foods like fruit, tea, nuts, grains, eggs, veggie butters spreads. Avoid high fat, fried, spicy and intense flavors. The Rape ceremony may cause a little bit of purge, and if you have a full stomach, you will lose the contents for sure…….. Light and easily digestible food is best.

enjoying a day of smoothies. bowls, juices and foods that vibrate the highest and are grown in the most sun is optimal!

You don’t have to worry about getting too pretty that day. Especially, if followed by a temazcal, your skin will be happier to be breathable to be free of cosmetics and perfumes.

You may want to avoid wearing lots of jewelry or items that can get caught or pull on your clothes if you lay down or roll over. Keep it simple is best.

Practice Breathing – Deep, large breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Try to breath in for an even count of 5, then hold for 5, then release evenly for 5. Practice and try to get to 8-10 seconds per section to get your lungs open and stretching, filling and ready. The extra oxygen will also help promote physical healing and easy emotional release.

Depending on whether it is a group or solo ceremony, everyone will reintegrate and join for moment of gratitude and closing prayer, followed by celebratory food, cannabis, tobacco, cacao or your favorite treat.

60 minutes following your Bufo alvarius journey you can drive, travel, fly in an airplane and resume all normal activities. However emotionally, you may be wishing to just stay and bask in the glory of the moment for a while longer, so it is often a nice treat to book the entire day for your ceremony to indulge in whatever magic you wish to make during the day.

The next day it is suggested to wake with the sunrise and reconnect again with Mother Nature and strengthen the calibration and our circadian rhythm. Focusing on gratitude and thinking about simple happy pleasures in nature or your life around you can send you on a reactivated mental experience of joy and healing. This beautiful process enriches the DMT production now happening within your body. You may also smell, taste or experience the essence of Bufo alvarius during these days after also.

If emotions come, it is important to understand that they are simply energy in motion and the best way to release them is to surrender and let it pass through. You do not have to figure it out, justify or define it. Sometimes there are bits and pieces of old energy left that needs to flow through. Just let it go on through. Thank it for coming, forgive it for its discomfort, and tell it you love it as you let it go and ask it to leave.

Working with me also means our integration process begins, so you will be supported afterwards as needed with love. Some people need support for a couple days, a week and sometimes a couple months later they wish to reconnect and just regroup, that is part of it and what I am here for.

What am I going to experience and how is it going to happen???

Let’s leave some of that up to the imagination and the magic of the abuelitos (grandfather ancestors) now. With an open heart and clear mind, Spirit will take care of the rest.

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