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The Pineal Gland: A Third Eye View Into The Body & Spirituality

THE HUMAN BODY- the Pineal Gland is in the middle of the brain situated between the two hemispheres. It’s located precisely in the Suprachiasmatic nucleus. It looks like a pinecone, hence its name which has many interesting mathematical properties and symbolisms in its geometry.

It functions as our internal clock by regulating circadian rhythms. Those rhythms are the natural stirrings within used by the body to tell us when we are tired, alert, waking, wired, etc. It also sets our sense of direction or inner compass and the sense of the cardinal directions. It does this by secreting melatonin which regulates this process as well as enhances sleep quality. When someone refers to being a “night owl” or an “early bird” they are referring to their own internal circadian rhythms.

Melatonin and a healthy functioning pineal gland are also known to keep the balance of one’s spiritual compass and how the physical body responds to that energy. There is much evidence of the return to a decalcified pineal gland and healing addiction. We know addiction is a disease which is also often fueled by ancestral lineage and unresolved family generational traumas.

The Pineal Gland also plays a significant role in our bone metabolism and health. Melatonin is key in keeping the bone cells healthy, long living, and well functioning. Once melatonin levels begin to naturally fall within the body, so too comes the lack of bone density, strength, and essentially aging.

Melatonin is an antioxidant that helps combat the damage of free radicals, which keeps it preventing cancer.

The Pineal Gland is composed of two major types of cells. Pinealocytes produce melatonin. Glial cells support neurons that transport information to other cells.

When there is imbalance within the Pineal Gland, these may be side affects/disorders that arise

· SLEEP DYSFUNCTION: Insomnia, Narcolepsy, Sleep Walking, etc.









· DEPRESSION especially SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder


The Pineal Gland has some other very important functions and behaviors related to the Pituitary Gland. This is ultimately most significant as its job is to secrete hormones critical to the development of the ovaries and the testes. Once those hormones are imbalanced it can set off a pinball effect within the body of imbalance and inability to embrace wellness.

The Pineal Gland as the PRINCIPAL SEAT OF THE SOUL.

THE SPIRITUAL BODY - French philosopher and scientist Rene Descartes believed and was one of the first to promote that the pineal gland had what he felt metaphysical abilities. He even was made famous for identifying it as the “principal seat of the soul” and more importantly the place within the brain from WHERE OUR THOUGHTS FORM!

In Ancient Egypt the pineal gland was known as the Eye of Horus and still to this day as believed as the spiritual awakening center within the chakra systems.

So if this gland is so pertinent and necessary to the function of our body, mind, and spirit….




NEWSFLASH!!! We do know about it and in fact our health care systems have been using every drug, medicine and treatment method possible to help us find wellness… but it ends in a multi trillion-dollar string of easing new symptoms against the timeclock of one’s own insurance or lack there of.

Money, Health Care and keeping people sick? That is a topic for another blog.... Whether or not we agree with our generally accepted Health Care Systems is irrelevant. The reality is that we are in crisis as society in general due to so many factors that are preventable and able to shift beyond with knowledge and connection. This is about taking things back to the basics so we can be better advocates for ourselves.

Wellness, or lack of it, often stems from the system in which created its current view of it. Currently, we are living in a world that is bursting with people living daily with DIS-ease, syndromes, complications, side affects, imbalances, and the fear to look outward of society’s “NORMALIZED” and “ACCEPTABLE” health care options. People live life, following a chain of events, unfolding as they step further and further away from their own inner seat of the soul and to a chemical answer to “feeling good.”

When we look at the main issues with PINEAL GLAND IMBALANCES, we see most of the world’s pharmaceutical TV commercials playing with music and scenery of how this pill can help you. It can give you a better life, it can change how you feel. Its all about how you can feel better but its nothing about what is causing you to not feel well in the first place. I like to think of ignoring and shutting off our pineal gland as like that of a hangry toddler who is needing a nap desperately while teething and fighting fever. Eventually[J1] , us like the toddler will just cave in and shut down.

Pineal Gland imbalances come mostly from a blockage, hardening or ‘calcification’. These calcifying ingredients are typically an over intake of a particular mineral, chemical compound that becomes over concentrated in the body and cannot be processed by the cleaning systems such as the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, blood, and lungs. When those organs cannot function properly the other systems begin to step in to compensate which also alters their function and ability.

The reality is, when you mess with the balance of hormones in the human body, you are messing with the entire nature of the human condition. That means: BODY, MIND, & SPIRIT.


Fluoride is considered by the Center For Disease Control as one of their top 10 discoveries and celebrated health care achievements of the past 100 years. It’s a naturally occurring mineral that exists in almost all-natural water. It is known for its ability to de-mineralize and re-mineralize.

Back in the early 1900’s the people of the town of Colorado Springs, USA were noted for having very strong teeth that didn’t appear to have the same number of cavities like other town’s populations. The people however were noted as typically having a brown, pitted staining on their teeth that wasn’t pretty. It was noted that they had a high percentage of fluoride in their water, (as well as other minerals) so health officials and dentists began to spread the word of this new wonder mineral which must helps keep teeth from dissolving. However, today we know that the browning of the teeth seen in those of Colorado Springs was dental fluorosis which is a condition from too much fluoride. People became some excited about better dental health by adding a couple drops to toothpaste or water instead of changing their lifestyle could give them pearly whites forever. This began the mass spread implementation of over 70% off all North American communities to add this compound to their drinking water as well as in yearly dental checkups where intense fluoride application regimes were added in more efforts to prevent tooth decay.

What the world didn’t consider was…. How would having all this extra fluoride affect us over time?

Here are some FLOURIDE FACTS!

Since 1989 there have been various independent and board-certified studies on the use of fluoride and its affects on the long term health of our people. Please find attached links to various studies and findings about fluoride.

· Countries with no fluoride added have the same tooth decay levels as those with it added.

· Fluoride although natural, is considered TOXIC to the body and can only ever filter 50-60% of the material out. The remaining left over is stored within the brain in the Pineal Gland

· Excess fluoride causes lower IQ and “Brain Drain” see article attached

· Countries add fluoride also to salt also. The Americas tend to add fluoride to salt as their main means of coverage where Europe doesn’t.

· If its been added in drinking water, it is also in the concentrates to make juice, beer, colas and other beverages.

· Fluoride is considered a harmful neurotoxin. https:/

· Too much fluoride effects more than the pineal gland. It affects bone density and ability to remain strong, healthy and metabolizing.

Here are places you can find fluoride

DENTAL PRODUCTS: Toothpaste, Cements and fillings, gels and mouthwashes, varnishes, some floss brands.

NON-DENTAL PRODUCTS: Added to DRINKING WATER & SALT, drugs containing fluorinated compounds, pesticides, preserved foods/beverages made with fluorinated water.


It means that if you are alive in today’s world you have been exposed to fluoride in excess amounts that may be affecting the performance and functionality of your body and overall wellness.

When we consume too much of this toxin, it causes the pineal gland to lose function in its metaphysical or spiritual ways that can heal generational trauma, environmental damage and restore healthy, pre-cancerous cells.

The thing is…. HEALING The Pineal Gland is REVERSABLE and totally possible with some simple changes and awareness!

Your pineal gland can be “awakened” and recalibrated by decalcifying it.










De-Calcifying Your Pineal Gland, Amazon Style!

In indigenous healing cultures across the globe past and present, the awakening of the pineal gland was critical in giving the physical body all the improvements possible to be in alignment and efficiency in the not so forgiving surroundings of mother nature.

Immunity is the key to societies thriving, and when you are able to study culture and society within a smaller tribal setting it can provide a lot of insight into how to implement some practices that can correct and return to a more organic, healthy people.

The people of the Amazon have turned to plant medicine for millennia. They believe in the medicine of tobacco, but also in the manner which its prepared and applied to reach into the Pineal Gland where it can be “shaken up” and cleansed immediately. This allows for a recalibration and purge of excess toxins which is released through the body’s fluids like mucous, vomit, sweat, tears, etc. The circadian rhythms are instantly reset, and cells are upgraded to function at ultimate performance.

Other more northern, cold weather Indigenous cultures also use tobacco as a cleansing agent meant to rise up in smoke to the Great Spirit similarly making room for the gland to be cleared and refilled with knowledge granted from The Great Spirit.

The tobacco plant medicine of the Amazonian people is called Rapé. It is pronounced “ra-pé” It is sometimes called Hapay.

It is pulverized tobacco, tree ashes, and sometimes spices, flowers, or accompanying plants to extend the connection. It is what is considered Snuff. Dutch, and Spanish missionaries witness the local natives applying this snuff to one another with a wooden or horn applier or also with an auto applier to give to themselves. The Europeans decided to use their own method which is dropping the powder on your hand and snorting it. That doesn’t really work, and thus never really caught on. Part of the magic of this medicine is in the intention to receive, trust and believe in the connection to Spirit and community.

Traditionally tobacco is prepared with the other accompanying blend of herbs and ash and is pushed into the end of the applier (tool by various names depending on the tribe) The tobacco used is Nicotiana rustica ( jungle mapacho) which is different than the colder climate tobacco known as Nicotiana tabacum.

The physical benefits Hapay are enormous.

· It is antibacterial,

· antiparasitic,

· antifungal,

· works as an astringent, analgesic cleanser at cellular level.

When this medicine is blown up into the nose it sends the effects of powder into the canals of the ear, nose and throat, and eyes which all reset and allow a refreshing purge. The medicine sparks activity of the Pinealocytes and the glial cells and triggers the body to respond with the appropriate hormonal response. Generally, the force of the blow ignites stimulation of purge or moving energy which can also force out sickness, toxins or poisons that have been ingested.

It makes you feel

· alert

· focused

· in tune

· in the present

· connected to intuition

· those feelings often lead to release of emotions followed by a relaxation and internal rebalance.

Tobacco Rape promotes the awakening and upgrading of the Pinealocytes and glial cells, and it let’s the brain systems pause and reset from over thinking, or physical dependency on a substance or behavior to cope.

This medicine is used to prepare the body to function at a higher level and to purge out toxins and exposure to pathogens or energetic pathogens. It can be used daily and it isn't addictive, however dependency on the behavior or use to cope can occur as with any other substance or behavior. Generally it is used to help people come off addicted substances and its very effective at supporting the withdrawal process or eliminating major dependency.

FOR MORE ON TOBACCAO RAPE (Ra-pay or Hapay) – stay tuned to the blog.

Why is cleansing and rebalancing the Pineal Gland so important when partaking in spiritual, shamanic or psychedelic experiences?

This is because if the third eye is the principal seat of the soul and it is blocked or unable to perform, it means that us as a spiritual being is blocked as well. When channels are open and flowing we gain immunity easily, we are able to manifest and create ongoing life force, and we are able to think and feel beyond our own thoughts to a place of growth, healing and inner peace. It’s simply this.. If your Pineal Gland is calcified, its likely due to too much fluoride, or other harmful neurotoxins from the environment or addition by healthcare. When your Pineal Gland isn’t working, your hormones don’t function properly and set off a streak of poor health, infertility, disease, and chronic pain disorders in the least.

When you are choosing to experience an emotional healing whether through a shamanic style or through clinical means, the goal is the same. When the pineal gland is well conditioned and functioning, you can reach levels of spiritual awakening that bring on healing transformation.

Once the Pineal Gland is open, you know it, and you are able to “SEE” things differently, and welcome other facets of color within your life. It leads to connection to Mother Earth which replenishes us, returns balance and most importantly… RESPECT to our body and its ability to shift and grow within.

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