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Ceremonial Integration Session

Reset, connect, and gain new perspective emerging from ceremony

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 190 Canadian dollars
  • online meetup or voice call (Whatsapp, Signal, Zoom, etc

Service Description

Coming out of ceremony or soulquests can be a shocker walking back in to the "normal grind" This session reminds you of tools, modalities, and practices to implement to support yourself in setting up success. The ceremony is one day but the medicine is incorporated each day of our life. It is not how much medicine you take or how many times you sit, it is how well you take the lessons learned and manifest the visions shared. Each day is a ceremony and this session helps us reset, listen and ground. Boosts confidence through connecting and having a safe space to debrief 1:1. You don't have to sit medicine with me to have an integration session. Sometimes due to language, location, or other circumstances people aren't able to connect with their practitioner and through referral make their way. I am in service of the medicine, but also your soul, and through the akashic records, card readings, psychic channeling, guided meditation, and other options we help achieve the goals you have about your past medicine experience.. Integration can be related to one medicine or several experiences that are presenting a current issue or situation needing resolution. Medicines I align with for integration sessions -Psilocybin -Bufo alvarius -Cannabis -Hikuri - Mezcaline -Kambo -Tobacco Hapeh -Ayahuasca -Mexican Plant DMT -Psylomethoxin I don't have experience with Iboga, San Pedro

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