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Working together is a growing experience where we share, reflect, and create new goals after achieving results.  Everyday is a ceremony.  The moments deep within medicine's healing portal last only a moment.  The work we take from it, can span lifetimes. It's up to us to decide how vivid we allow our dreams to be. Do you want to walk this healing path?


Healing & Ceremony


1:1 Healing - Medicine Work, Shamanic Healing, Preparation, Integration

KAMBO - Amazonian Healing Cleanse

BUFO ALVARIUS - Sonoran desert medicine &  shamanic journey

PSILOCYBIN - Totally customized with ceremony, energy work, cognitive therapy, somatic healing

CANNABIS MASSAGE - bodywork, breath, reiki, healing touch woven through grounding pathways of mother earth.

SHAMANIC CLEARING - subtle plant energies including flowers, sounds, reiki, with personalized "limpia" or cleansing

TOBACCO HAPE -  Cleansing, clarity, and elevating energies and vibrations into alignment with the heart

PREPARATION OR INTEGRATION - Personalized session to align with ceremony or to integrate its wisdom following

Group Healing - Medicine Work, Shamanic Healing, Preparation, Integration (same as 1:1 offerings plus...)

SACRED HIKURY - North American cactus medicine ceremony

GRANDMOTHER AYAHUASCA - Amazonian jungle medicine ceremony

LOVING THROUGH CACAO - Heart opening plant ceremony

TEMAZCAL or SWEATLODGE - sacred indigenous purification ritual

MOON DANCE RITUAL - ancient divine feminine connection with the moon and our duality

SOLSTICE & EQUINOX -  learn & experience cycles of nature, relationships, experiences and the cosmos.

GROUP INTEGRATION - virtual session gathering patients to connect and share and reflect  as they integrate their healing.

Readings & Energy

1:1 work in person or virtually and small groups

CARD READING - Blending of both Tarot and Oracle Cards

AKASHIC RECORDS - Open yours and learn to journey within

GUIDED MEDITATION - Align the body, clear the mind, and receive guidance increasing your meditation practice

REIKI - Usui Method blended with other shamanic and personalized treatments

ASTROLOGY - fundamental energies and how they relate to your purpose and alignment to heal

BREATH WORK -  Use your own medicine to open and access trauma, releasing it while creating new tools

SPIRITUAL COACHING - Custom curated programs to support and guide your awakening and action process

Healer's Mentorship

1:1 work in person, virtually and small groups honing skills and experiences to master your own healing craft

MEDICINE FACILITATION - Learn to facilitate a medicine after immersing and initiating with its potential

CEREMONY FACILITATION - Fundamental basics, containing the space, clearing energy, blending ritual

FACILITATOR 1:1 - upgrade knowledge, collaborate, hands on, in a customized format suited to your goals

CARD READING - Study with Stephy to learn styles, themes, spreads, and connecting to Source.

SPEAKING & WISDOM - Collaborate or hire Stephy to speak at an event or workshop environment where she is able to share experience and add a vital and grateful energy needed to ignite your healing practice or group.

All healing mentorship programs begin as 1:1 learning and create a basic framework and understanding of what your want to learn.  Then later, learning is woven together in group experiences that are jam packed with hands on, deep learning, cultural immersion, and ever changing offerings.  This work is not an accredited program, this is a partnership of continued learning and personalized attention.  I am not here to offer CPR and first aid, I am here to help you hone and refine that learning you have already been weaving together on your own.  You will gain confidence, support, nurturing and step by step achievable goals.

Intercultural Medicine

Curating healing experiences of ancient and current ways with authentic people around the globe

IMMERSION RETREATS - Guided travel to sacred sites, support, initiation into habitat, dieta and culture

INTRODUCTION RETREATS - Visiting sacred sites and exploring rituals of various cultures

CONSERVATION INITIATIVE - Service and support to mother earth and healing groups needing resources and hands on skills to enhance and ignite their growth and development


If you have an event, podcast, interview, or speaking engagement you wish you connect about having Stephy speak at. please reach out.  


Pricing ranges depending on NEED, location, timeline, personal curation, and demand.

1:1 Virtual sessions from $50-200

1:1 Medicine Journeys $200-650

Group Journeys and Day Experiences $150-500

Retreats $1500-5000

Group Spiritual Awakening Activities $50-200

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