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I am Stephy LaPrairie, a shamanic practitioner or holistic medicine woman. I, along with my blessed team, offer various modalities of energetic and ancestral healing blended with sacred plant and natural entheogenic medicines. Each experience is unique to you, lovingly guided, attainable, and compatible with a high vibing lifestyle based on wellness.

Join us somewhere sacred on the globe to connect and begin a journey back to yourself with love.

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"If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done." 


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About Stephanie

Steph or Stephy, is from a Ukrainian immigrant family in Alberta, Canada.  Shamanic healing lineages, midwifery, and earth medicine are strong on both sides of the family tree.  Connection with her culture, dance, color, food, folkloric pagan culture and its sacred medicines is the lifeblood that brought her into the alignment of holding healing space for others.  From 15 she was working in flower shops and studying horticulture and designing to connect with mother nature.  After graduation from Retail Horticulture at  Olds College she began a three year segue into the world of death, grief, and "real life" while working in funeral service.  Along came ample experience to learn cultural customs, gain open perspective, observe people's faith and the struggle of grief for those without any spirituality.  Workplace complications, demands, and need to over promise and under deliver in the "death industry" began her own trauma and mental wellness healing.  Returning with exuberance to the floral and design world was a challenge and excitement as she wove in calculated entrepreneurial skills bringing her to the top of her industry as a business owner, mentor, educator, and speaker at an international level for 14 years.  Again the  demands of the  world living for stimulus without meaning pushed into unwellness mentally and physically. Hormonal, autoimmune, and addiction issues while trying to create work, life, balance as a new mom, partner, and self began the ball rolling in a holistic and more metabolically focused direction. In 2016,  walking a more spiritually aligned path, Stephy relocated to Mexico with immediate family to start fresh and write a new story.  The  return to self, connection to SOURCE, and  new calling from ancient times to truly fulfil this life's purpose in service with the medicines who helped heal and rebirth potential and new abundance for her. Her healing allies and modalities are ever growing and evolving with humble perspective and shifts in her patient's needs. She is a wisdom keeper within many realms including card reading, the Akashic records,  intergalactic/starseed realms, bodywork, music, art, and pre-Christian divine feminine faith. She is a grandmother within the lineage of the camino rojo or " red way" sharing in the moon dance and temazcal traditions.  She understands and works to reweave the body, mind, and soul back into equal harmony where wellness is not only possible, but deserved for all.

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