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Emotions that remain unfelt or expressed lead to physical manifestations of pain, disease, chronic illness, cancer and more.

Be not afraid of the pain you will feel when you are healing. Be afraid of the pain you will inflict on others because you aren’t healed.

When we aren’t well, our energy goes down and that also means the energy we have to put into our relationships wanes too.

When we show symptoms of physical illness it is more obvious to see the strain on relationships because the evidence of the illness is more present. Physical wellness and our outer symptoms have been given more attention based on society’s expectations of extreme physical wellness and body image. The pressure from society to look and be certain way on the outside has suppressed the internal voice for wellness, reason, and common sense health.

Modern society has consistently punished and shamed those with emotional and mental illness.

Society has told us that we need to fall within a certain acceptable criteria to be considered “viable” as a functioning human. Trying to navigate those boundaries, while learning and sharing with others can be more difficult than we realize. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It just is. We have to deny that which society says , and turn inward to begin where we are at.

As many of us feel alone or hurting inside, we try to find a way to feel better or just stop the pain. It’s usually through the means of a substance like pills, food, or alcohol one finds that. Often through excessive behaviours of exercise, sex, nutrition, and extreme self care routines, often the pain is redirected towards a behaviour where the outer affect of wellness is achieved.

What isn’t always seen is the fact that elements of creating physical wellness don’t work when something inside is out of balance. Our spiritual, or emotional wellness is housed within our lymphatic system and secreted through hormones. When those systems are out of balance we know that we face many unhealthy behaviour patterns. But so too goes the ability to find balance and recognize boundaries within healthy behaviors. One continues striving for a result that can no longer be achieved, so they may keep working or dieting get out or find that sought after result without seeing the actual physical state and condition it is in.

Why is this important?

Well because we are talking and learning about “spiritual or emotional wellness” or consciousness. Those are real components of our genetic make up that affect future outcomes or abilities to manifest and create possibilities.

This part of ourself is the most unknown. It’s not a part of self that is historically recognized or considered capable of affecting our physical wellness by today’s society.

We know through the blending of many healing modalities from the past, and today that there is a direct connection to a human’s mental potential, their environment, and their past generations which influence their current ability to thrive and perform within their life.

Ancestral healing refers to the fact that energy is carried through generations until a message or resolution has taken place. It means that the energy of our past delivers us to where we are. If we choose to raise consciousness and expand potential, we are rewarded by ensuring a better thriving life and offspring. This allows the next generation to get a head start instead of being born into deeper trauma than the generation before.

When someone talks about Spiritual or Emotional Healing, what does that mean?

What is healed? What does it mean? What does it look like?


There is no such thing as healed! We are all evolving and navigating through different unique levels of learning and sharing. Even as we master certain aspects of life and ourself, we receive a whole other stimulus of unknown, new, uncertain experiences. It’s from the past experiences we just learned from that we gain confidence to enter another level of depth within our spiritual self. A person may see someone as more healed or more aligned, wise, awakened, enlightened, and so on and we may call it healed. But healing is relevant only in the current moment and how one responds to a situation or stimulus they are in.

In terms of daily use and someone using the word “HEALED” or “healing” here are some positive examples:

-It is consciousness- (awareness of other beings, energy, possibilities, suggestions, and taking or making time for the presence)

-It is being willing to accept responsibility for your life, (both the positive & the negative)

-It is leaving the competition mindset

(Either with yourself and or others)

-It is living free from constant attachments to the past ways of doing or seeing things

-It’s being willing to do hard things that you know make you feel peace in the end.

-It’s choosing YOU and yourself over other’s expectations.

-It’s saying no when necessary.

-It’s walking away when you aren’t valued.

-It’s standing up for others around you when something isn’t ok.

-It’s making time for your growth and rest to create.

-It’s trying new things that bring joy .

Don’t push away the one good thing you got around you because you afraid to ask for help.

Just ask.

Just surrender.

Just say please help me I’m lost and I need help finding my way back to myself.

When you are hurting, step away from the madness. Feel what you need to for a moment. Honor that. Listen in to what is being shared within your body and emotions.

If you don’t have a ton of time… pinpoint the area of feelings. Acknowledge them. Imagine setting a meditation and “feeling time” to be safe in all of this experience again and to make time to come back to it. Even if it’s only for 5-10 minutes. Give yourself time to breathe and recalibrate yourself and your grounding. Then make a simple plan and act on it.

Don’t walk into daily tasks with the sourness of your disappointment. It’s not anyone’s fault that the combination of today’s todo’s and the Universe’s energy aren’t perfect dance partners.

Daily tasks are the simple humbleness that feed manifestation so take pride and honor the little doings. You can’t skip the work even in the real world. Embrace the possibility you have to do these little things.

People would kill to have the chances you do. Maybe you would kill to get away with not sitting alone and facing yourself.

Sometimes it takes killing something to realize how bad you needed and deserve to love yourself.

It might not be killing a person, but killing a relationship feels the same. So think about the consequences of your actions.

Live with purpose, and with awareness of your reflection from others regardless and you won’t be scrambling to right your wrongs as your karma clock ticks on.

Accept where you are now. You were brought you here. That is clear, it’s not necessary to remind yourself of that.

Here and now is the only place you can forgive the past and welcome the future.

Sometimes the hardest reflections push you to criticize, to lay blame, and to see unworthiness in others. Only you can sit and accept those reflections and turn them around with a new perspective.

Healing is just word that illuminates the concept of the human condition. We are always evolving, shifting and finding inspiration from somewhere. That’s human nature.

How you choose to come out of a health crisis, transition, or past tunnel is up to you. If it’s already dark, maybe you’ve been there or are here and that ain’t servin’, May as well give the healing light a try. -Stephy 💜🙏🏼

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