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We call retreats

Soul quests vary in price, duration, content, preparation and integration.

Some retreats are focused on digging deep into buried and unresolved emotions and physical disease. Sometimes we are focusing on an acute, threatening illness.

Other retreats are focused on integration, coming to terms with big emotions, life situations, and gently opening the body/mind/spirit to a more stable, vibrant higher functioning life.

What can I expect at a

- A safe environment, free of drugs and alcohol

- Nourishing and delicious food

Communicating and sharing

- Beautiful surroundings and accommodation

- Trying new things

- Ancient and current cultural perspectives

- Creative Expression including art, music, and movement

- Challenging yourself

- Learning new skills to take home for later

How does a SOUL QUEST 

benefit me?

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- Connects me with Earth and nature

- Aligns me with people and support that are there for me and my goals

- Gives me new skills and tools

- Creates lasting and powerful memories

- Provides a new supportive space to step into something new and step


- Heals current and past stored emotional and physical trauma, anxiety, and depression

- Provides perspective from other cultures and history that can help us see things better

-Teaches me about nutrition and how to fuel "MY BODY"

- Teaches me confidence and worthiness

There are two types of 






Hosted SOUL QUESTS are hosted and curated by me and the team. They are for individual offering, but you can come as a group also. They have a posted date and location, which has been selected by us based on observations and your feedback of what many have been asking for. You can find out about these retreats by inquiring or signing up on this site.

Collaborative SOUL QUESTS are perfect for retreat and venue hosts, existing groups, family events, other healing professionals seeking to share and create together. You may want to choose one of our selected plans, blend in your own offerings, and even have us look after the meals and location. In Collaborative SOUL QUESTS you can decide your location and we will work with you. It's an effective way to bring your community together to a well prepared plan and team who free you up to enjoy.


What do we  offer?

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Bring the healing of generations together with support, boundaries, and loving detail.  We can create a family vacation that has the right amount of fun, rest, exploring, and healthy options that support your healing goals. Maybe you or someone in the family aren't able to travel, and you are well able to host healing where you are? I come to you and curate the menu and support network of preparation, ceremony, learning, and integration.

If you want to learn about customizing a dream experience for your family unit that places attention to needs, integrative care, and a schedule that works for everyone to heal and flow as is best for them. Sometimes it means a team coming together to care for your family with meals, driving, housework, and daily logistics.  You deserve to heal in your home without any stress.  We curate the therapists, chefs, treatments, and integrate them with what you are doing to prepare you for shift

through proper integrational skills.



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To navigate slideshow, click on the fuchsia circles at the bottom and sides of the slide.


To navigate slideshow, click on the fuchsia circles at the bottom and sides of the slide.



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