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Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Planet Depression

People have depression not because of the individual person that they are inside,  but rather where and how they live in on the outside.

Depression comes when the stimuli around us in our world is too much and forces us to ignore and deny simple emotions and experiences that need attention, and time to deal with.

Firstly, all depression and emotional imbalance originates from the malfunction of Pineal Gland and its corresponding function with the Pituitary gland and endocrine system. Most of this system’s ability get well, retain nutrients, and regain wellness comes from gut health.

Currently, we live in a society ridden with chemically enhanced foods, preservatives, antibiotics and ingested hormones, added metals and minerals, and of course all GMO’s.

We also have a society dependent on their stomach meds for GERD, heartburn, gallstones, kidney stones, indigestion, leaky gut, chronic parasites, hyatial hernia, Crohn’s disease, colitis, irritable bowls, constipation, chronic pain, and much more.

Do you think it’s a coincidence that most people suffering from depression have dealt with unhealthy gut conditions or chronic symptoms also??

Let’s talk antidepressants…..

(From an energetic and ancestral healing point of view)

Imagine you are a planet with orbiting rings. Let’s say your outer rings are where your trauma is circling and building causing you to spin yourself off your axis.

Antidepressants help you disconnect from your rings. They make you feel like your rings aren’t controlling you anymore.

But…. The rings are still there and in extra force spewing the outward energy that you aren’t feeling as depression but the body feels as other things. It cannot be created nor destroyed.

The unresolved emotions keep in your orbit and continues to follow you, your relationships and experiences.

When you are disconnected from your planetary rings you don’t actually realize the real connection and exchanges made with your rings and others, nor the personal emotional responsibility we have of those rings.

That breeds more need for your rings to be heard and felt and seen. Each time they are ignored your symptoms keep popping back worse on behalf of your rings and more meds and upping the dose is the suggested option until one is just a walking cloud of broken rings that are steaming, sparking, and causing fires within and with others.

You may feel ok, but by not dealing with the root of what’s causing your rings to lose balance you keep projecting your broken into others which leads to loss, disease, confrontation, isolation, and displacement of true reality.

Avoiding your true orbit also avoids the relationship issues that are needing attention and when not dealt with it creates co-dependent trauma bonds with others also avoiding their orbit which can be super dangerous. Especially since if you don’t balance your rings, they will be added to your children’s rings to make more work.

Chances are your rings are out of orbit due to experiences in your past, childhood, work, and other lifetimes which means most of the imbalance isn’t from you actually.

Ignoring your rings aka “emotional responsibilities” sure might make you feel better than you did. But it’s lazy, cheating, and denial of the fact your body, mind and soul are out of balance and in need of desperate attention. The fact that western healthcare deems avoiding your rings the best realm of choice…. I’m afraid for my grandchildren and the toxic spiritual ware-fare that will be going on by the sudden rush of baby boomers avoiding their rings now and checking out.

You pay now or your children and grandchildren pay later.

If you knew your displaced rings would be the cause of your kid’s cancer,  diabetes, obesity, dangerous behaviour, and reproductive challenges, would you still keep putting the pill to forget yourself in between your lips each day?

Antidepressants are a cheap way of checking out of what you created in a chase for your own inner calm.

People cope instead of live.

An example :

I’m ok now, I’m ok with that because it’s better than it was. -

This is a behaviour of I’m ok with anything better than the absolute worst. It makes one focus on avoiding illness and poverty instead of stepping into wellness and abundance.  Lack behaviour and struggling to financially succeed continue appearing in patterns until developing into further health conditions related to the initial stressor of feeling lack, which also breeds separation and displacement.

Lack often triggers feelings of abandonment which is both physical and emotional.  Lack and illness affect behaviour related to our health for sure but also to our financial patterns and choices,  It shows up as mis-spending, over buying, living on credit, being motivated by sales and gimmicks, emotional shopping, scrimping and avoiding spending when essential, hoarding, and attachment issues.

This shows us that avoiding one’s emotional orbiting rings breeds bigger problems that affect more than your emotions. It actually can affect your ability to financially provide for yourself and earn your worth in jobs, partnerships and relationships.

When those who aren’t actually depressed (which is a huge amount) take the easy pill in search of happiness or avoiding their attacking pent up feelings,  they actually inhibit the ability to emotionally recognize their behaviours, patterns of repeating relationships, ego trips, dependency, family situations, and so on.

Society tells us if we take pills and have a health condition that it’s ok to be an act out, be an asshole, or make excuses “to not do life.” Now we  have a society who are taking pills while their rings aren’t working and are at war with themselves, fighting, or avoiding one another on all levels and society chooses  to keep avoiding it by calling it a new disease. We are told to take a pill to shut it off. But what happens is the pills shut it off for us but not how our rings are behaving.

People lose entire blocks of time where they are spinning off their energetic axis but they feel “fine.”  When they are asked about it or how to express themselves related to the issue at hand the pent up energy from the rings comes out in the first response often as





-polar opinion and division

-new medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and disorders, digestive problems, hormonal and thyroid issues.

When you die with your suppressed unresolved emotions, you get free for now but you also pass them down the line to the next generation. If they don’t fix it, it gets worse until bloodlines are erased. Currently, growing numbers of adults are dealing with fertility issues, mental illness leading to suicide, obesity, cancer, addiction, destructive behaviour, and rare genetic conditions are wiping out lineages.  These examples will continue until people choose to address their healing as part of their wellness.

When you say you love someone so much you would DIE FOR THEM, but avoid yourself and your rings, instead of clearing the relationships, you are actually killing them or their potential to succeed.

Your rings are your responsibility.

Ancestral medicines and healing modalities help you return to yourself so you don’t keep cheating yourself and hurting others.

When you make room to release hurt by feeling into what those rings are saying the body responds brilliantly and without error, creating a new orbit that is safer, self regulated, and honoured.

Are you checking out of your orbit?

Have you been using substances or isolation to avoid the reality of your past experiences?

Why not reset the router instead of just adding more sígnal boosters?

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